The Patch Adams Story

Patch Adams Though continuing to ruffle administrative feathers, Patch finds his niche in the children’s ward, where his funny, outrageous style helps break through youngsters’ fears.

Fighting conventional wisdom, allowing himself to be vulnerable, and embracing the idea that service of others is the best way to combat your own problems, Patch Adams begins to reach people. Though alienating some and astounding many, he ultimately gains a valuable ally and convert in Mitch, who sees the effectiveness of Patch’s style when he reaches the end of his own rope.

"Mitch is a control freak, and it gets the best of him. He’s dealing with a woman who’s dying and won’t eat, and he can’t alleviate the situation," says Hoffman. "All the stuff he’s learned in medical school, all the facts and figures, all the procedures -- it doesn’t work when it comes down to just trying to get someone to put a spoonful of food in her mouth. That’s when he loses it and realizes he can’t possibly become the best doctor in the world if he can’t even convince someone to eat. He breaks down and goes to Patch and says, ‘Listen, you’re right, I’m wrong.’"

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