The Patch Adams Story

Patch Adams Patch’s enthusiasm does become infectious to a few, including nurse Joletta (Irma P. Hall), who looks the other way when Patch makes his unauthorized rounds, and fellow students Truman (Daniel London) and Carin (Monica Potter).

Says London, "Truman is somewhat nerdish and fearful of reprisals, and he’s awed by Patch’s willingness to take risks and defy authority. He really admires what Patch stands for and his awareness of critical intangibles like communication and openness. Truman gradually allows Patch to pull him out of his shell."

Carin presents a greater challenge to Patch, at least initially, as she finds fault with his in-your-face candor and insistence on eliminating ‘professional distance’ between doctor and patient.

"My character is very cold to Patch in the beginning," remarks Monica Potter. "Because of her background, Carin has a vulnerability she doesn’t want him to see...and she wants nothing to do with his odd ways or to get drawn into his kind of thinking. But as time goes on she sees that he is genuinely kind and caring and that begins to bring them together as friends."

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